Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Humility and Peace

The Bible talks a lot about humility. Jesus demonstrated humility daily. Humility is knowing who you are and who you are not and being good with that. Humility is knowing who God is and being great with that. It is thinking of yourself pretty much the same way you think of everybody else. Humility opens the door to grace and peace.

God Says

But He gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” –James 4:6

Something to Think About

Humility is to trust and depend on God. It is the deep waters of peace when the world above us is full of trouble. Humility is a foundation for peace. Constant competition to be the best and jealously of others is a guarantee for a life absent of peace. James writes about the self-destructive nature of pride. Pride is the love of self before love of God and love of others. Pride doesn’t need grace because it already has itself.

Individual or Family Activity

Think about or talk about somebody you consider humble. What do you admire about them? Think about or talk about what some of your next steps to humility will be.

Individual or Family Prayer

Dear God,

Bless me with humility.

A humility that recognizes my unawareness and ignorance.
A humility that knows my weaknesses and needs.
A humility that admits my failures and mistakes.
A humility that welcomes constructive criticism and feedback. 

Let my words and actions reflect Your humility.

May I encourage and not hurt.
May I build-up and not tear down. 
May I compliment and not condemn.
May I think of others at their best and not their worst.

Bless me with humility and open the doors of Your grace.


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