Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sharing God's Hope

In the last two days we have experienced that God is the source of hope and God’s hope can overflow in our lives. Today we look at sharing God’s hope with others.

God Says 

The hope of the righteous brings joy. –Proverbs 10:28

Something to Think About 

God has used people to give hope to others throughout history. David’s Psalms gave hope to a nation. Ruth’s comforting words to Naomi gave Naomi hope. Paul’s letters gave hope to early Christians. Jesus gave hope to the sick, the hurting, and to sinners. God’s hope that lives in you will bring joy to others. You can follow in the rich tradition of God-followers by offering hope to the world. 

Individual or Family Activity 

Think of a person. Maybe somebody you love. Maybe somebody you know is going through a difficult situation. Intentionally and specifically encourage them. Have a conversation. Write them a letter. Offer them the same hope that God offers you. 

Individual or Family Prayer 

Dear God, 

You give me hope. 
You give me hope that overflows. 

As I have received—teach and inspire me to give. 
Help me share Your hope with Your world. 

Place people in my way I can encourage. 
Let me be mindful of people in my life I can support. 

You are the hope of the world! 
May others see and experience Your hope in my life! 


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